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FAQs on Affiliate Program

1. How to apply for your affiliate program?
If you have an up and running web site, you can apply for our affiliate program. Our affiliate management system is provided by our partner eSellerate.net. After you submit your application at eSellerate.net, you can apply to sell our products.

2. Do I need approval to sell your products?
Yes, usually the approval will be sent to you via email within 24 hours.

3. What is the commission rate for your products?
The commission rate varies for different products. Currently, it is between 8% to 15%.

4. How long is the validity period of your cookies?
We use cookies to keep track of the sales coming from your web site. The validity period of our cookies is 15 days. This ensures you get commission for a sale referred from your site within 15 days from the buyer's first visit. Please note, you must use links or banners provided in our link page to have this tracking feature. The default links and banners from eSellereate.net only work for one session.

5. Why should I use the links or banners provided by your site?
Firstly, by using the links and banners provided by our site, you can have a longer period for your referred sales(See question 4). Secondly, since our links and banners will have more introduction information about our products, it generally has a better conversion rate based on our experience.

6. How do I get a report of my sales?
You can login to your affiliate account at eSellerate.net and review all the report there.

7. How do I get paid?
Payment will be calculated and issued by eSellerate.net directly to you. Payment can be sent to you by EFT(electronic fund transfer). Refer to eSellerate.net for more information.

8. I know I have sales, but my account shows up nothing, why?
Please check your links and banners to see if your affiliate code is correct. If you still have problem, please contact us.

If you still have questions, please contact us at Info@800citizen.com .

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