How to Spot a Fake Replica Rolex Watch?

You can use a few approaches to identify a replica or fake Rolex, I list some methods below for your references. If you want to buy a genuine Rolex, you must ensure that the product you are getting is authenticate and not an elaborated copy.

Hologram Sticker: For a genuine Rolex you can notice a 3D hologram sticker on the caseback. For models after 2002, a Rolex crown can be viewed on the sticker, and it changes patterns when you see it from different angles. A replica usually has a sticker with Rolex printed on it, and it does not change color patterns when viewed from other angles.

Clear Caseback: A replica Rolex often has a clear caseback. You can easily identify it as a counterfeit, since the only clear caseback Rolex watches were non-production vintage ones in the 1930s. Some fake Rolex watches have opaque casebacks, but have engravings. Almost all genuine Rolex watches have an engraving-free smooth caseback(Exceptions are some ladies models before 1990s).

Tiny Crystal Crown: Only recently(after 2002), Rolex has introduced a tiny crown logo, etched onto the crystal at the area around the six o'clock direction. It is best seen with a magnifying device. Please note, this feature may not be applicable to all Rolex watches.

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